The Bulletproof Marriage Podcast

M.I.N.T.S With Brian Johnson

September 09, 2022 The Legend Of you! Episode 15
The Bulletproof Marriage Podcast
M.I.N.T.S With Brian Johnson
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Show Notes Fancy Titles: Nutrition: I am Brian Johnson and I LOVE CUPCAKES AND  ● Institute of Integrative Nutrition ● Conquering Any Disease- Eastern Medicine Food Based Healing-SSQ ● Conscious Life Upgrade Coach-Mastery Systems University ● Food Based Healing and Disease Reversal Nutrition Human Performance: ● (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine ● (NCSF) National Council on Strength and Fitness ● (BSMI) Baylor Sports Medicine Institute ● (ISSA) International Sports Science Association ● (IFPA) International Federation of Professional Athletes ● (NSCA) National Strength and Conditioning Association ● Touch For Health 1 ● Touch For Health 2 ● Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching ● Mastery Systems Conscious Language Human Operating Systems  “If YOU Don’t Make Time For Your WELLNESS, You WILL Make Time for Your Illness” ● Mastery Systems Sacred Body Language Translations ● Mastery Systems Conscious Life Upgrade Coaching Baylor Sports Medicine Institute Certifications: ● (BSMI-CPT) Complete Personal Training ● (BSMI-RES) Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine Certifications: ● (NASM-OPT) Optimal Performance Training ● (NASM-PES) Performance Enhancement Specialist ● (NASM-CES) Corrective Exercise Specialist ● (NASM-CPT) Complete Personal Training NLP Training ● Certificate Practitioner Hypnotherapist, ● Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) ● Practitioner Time Line Therapy ● Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming ● Certified Master Practitioner of Quantum Time Technique What people care about While I specialize in helping you get back on track and achieve your goals, I am a real person. I know what it’s like to put on 60 pounds on 3 different occasions, and the struggle to take it off! I know all about drowning life’s pain and emotions with cupcakes and pizza. As an emotional eater, I can relate to those moments when nothing but the things I shouldn’t eat seem like just the thing to make me feel better. Like many of you I have had my ups, downs and struggles! Blessedly for you, I have a couple fancy titles and a 35 years of education, experience and earned wisdom that I use to help you make better choices to balance your life and get you back up to thriving! 

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