The Legend Of You

Regain Your Power After a Narcissistic Abuse with Raven Scott

December 02, 2022 The Legend Of you!
The Legend Of You
Regain Your Power After a Narcissistic Abuse with Raven Scott
Show Notes

In this episode, our guest is Raven Scott, a narcissist specialist. Raven shares her experience and expertise about being in a relationship with a narcissist. She recounts how her desire for validation when she was younger allowed a narcissist to step in her life. Raven talks about how to tell if you are in a relationship with a narcissist. She also emphasizes how trying to fix a narcissist is fighting a losing battle, and seeking professional help is the way to go. She talks about how she connected with the divine and her realizations that helped her escape the toxic relationship. Her mission is to help people regain their self-worth, power, and sparkle after narcissistic abuse.

Who is Raven Scott?

Raven Scott is a narcissist specialist, author, and podcaster with a personal experience as a survivor of narcissistic abuse.

Whether a person is seeking solace from a narcissist or rediscovering their passion and purpose during a difficult transition, Raven Scott hopes to help them make meaningful connections and find inspiration along their spiritual path.

Raven truly believes that people can reclaim their power and sparkle and find the path to their soul's destiny by knowing their Human Design and putting the time and energy into personal growth and emotional recovery.

To help empaths like herself establish healthy boundaries, Raven developed a workshop that covers topics like accepting your "black sheep" position and breaking out of a toxic relationship with a narcissist.

She has authored a book and hosts a podcast titled Empath & The Narcissist to spread awareness and reach more people who need help getting their power and sparkle back.

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